Kite School Courses

1st Lesson

Learn the basics of handling your foil, water starts and your first rides with the board on the water. Graduate with consistent upwind riding and short flights.
After this lesson, we recommend to rent and practice 1 or more hours until you feel comfortable and ready for an Optional 2nd lesson.

2nd Lesson

Learn to keep the board off the water for longer rides and increased speed and upwind ability. Attempt first flying turns.After the 2nd lesson, we advise you to practice by renting some hours until you are ready for your optional final lesson..

3rd Lesson

Consistently riding on the foil with a smaller kite. Learn tacks and jibes, toe-side riding and how to pump the foil for more speed..

Lessons $45 or $55.

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What’s provided?•

All kiteboarding equipment (however, we recommend you use your own kite if you have one if the conditions permit; we will charge you less if you are using your kite)
• A personal instructor in or outside the water during the lesson.
• A Kite Foilboard with two different mast heights to make your learning curve smoother and more efficient is used as well as a private instructor in the water or sand to maximize your training while out on the water.

Minimum Level

To make the most of your lessons, we would suggest that you are at a level that you can confidently ride upwind and land small controlled jumps on your regular equipment.

What’s next?

Kite Ecuador offers different boards that you can rent or purchase to get you up and going. If you purchase or rent the regular setup, you’ll have FREE access to the shorter masts to make the initial learning time easier.KITE ECUADOR specializes in giving you the highest quality lessons available, through the KITE ECUADOR COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENT SERVICE; we take it to the next level and support you through your entire journey.


Foil lessons take place in the morning or the afternoon. The schedule is defined the day before so you can enjoy the best weather conditions.
– We supply the foil, a rashguard or wetsuit, a harness, a life vest and a helmet (you can take your kite, or you can rent one at the school)The teaching of foil starts in the sand but is mostly in the open sea to facilitate progression far from obstacles and other persons.
During your foil lesson, your one on one instructor will bring you theoretical and practical advice to:
– Learn how to handle the foil in the water and prepare water start
– Learn waterstart (get out of the water on the board)
– Discover the balance on the board without flying
– Learn how to take off the foil from the water
– Control the foil’s stability in flight
– Learn how to go up-wind and down-wind
– Manage transitions
Possible demo from your teacher for every technical move.Any scheduled lesson that is not canceled 24 hours or more before the date of the course will be charged by KITE ECUADOR.